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Cosmetology isn’t just a career. It’s a calling.

Our Mission

At VSKICosmetology School, we aim to be a launchpad for careers, a place where students transform into industry leaders. Nestled in the heart of beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, our mission is to foster an environment where aspiring beauty professionals can thrive with — all through a comprehensive approach that combines hands-on training, continuous learning, and a supportive network. Our passion is to help aspiring beauty professionals grow better every day.

Our Story

As a nationally recognized platform artist with over 30 years of experience in the cosmetology field, including New York Fashion Week and serving as a mentor with the American Association of Cosmetology board, Chris Venesky noticed a shift in the way beauty professionals were being educated and trained.

He observed that many schools were focusing heavily on theory and basic techniques, often at the expense of real-world, practical skills. This approach left graduates ill-prepared for the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the beauty industry.

Students were not being taught the critical business and marketing skills necessary for success in a highly competitive market. There was a lack of emphasis on developing strong client relationships and soft skills, which are essential for building a loyal clientele.

Moreover, he noticed a gap in training for advanced and specialized techniques, which are increasingly in demand. Many schools were not keeping pace with the latest trends and technologies, leaving graduates behind the curve in an industry that constantly evolves.

VSKI Cosmetology School was founded with a vision to offer a more holistic and comprehensive approach to cosmetology education. We blend foundational skills with cutting-edge techniques, business acumen, and a deep understanding of client relations, ensuring that graduates are not just skilled technicians, but well-rounded beauty professionals ready to excel in today’s market.

What Makes Us Different?

VSKI Cosmetology School bridges the gap between traditional cosmetology training and the evolving demands of the beauty industry.

Hands-On Training:

Our curriculum provides students with practical, real-world experience. From day one, students are immersed in a dynamic learning environment, honing their skills on actual clients under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Classroom and Clinic Floor Resources:

Our classrooms and clinic floors are equipped with state-of-the-art tools, professional-grade products, and all the necessary equipment to ensure your success. This setup mirrors a real-world salon environment –– a seamless transition from learning to professional practice.

Industry Connections:

We pride ourselves on our strong ties to the beauty industry. Our network of professionals and alumni offers students unparalleled opportunities for internships, mentorships, and job placements upon graduation.

Innovative Methods:

We stay ahead of the curve, incorporating the latest trends, techniques, and technologies into our programs. This approach ensures our students are industry-ready and ahead of their peers.

Advanced Technology and Tools:

Our training goes beyond traditional techniques, incorporating the latest technological advancements and cutting-edge tools. This modern approach equips our students with the skills to master new trends and techniques.

At VSKI Cosmetology School, we’re not just teaching beauty; we’re crafting the future of the industry, one student at a time.

Meet Our Team

Each member of the VSKICosmetology School faculty is a fully licensed National Platform Artists who bring decades of rich industry experience to our students.

See What Others are Saying

"I attended Vski Cosmetology, and I cannot say enough wonderful things!! The instructors are incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to your success. It is because of the exceptional education I received that I was able to confidently enter into my career as a hairdresser. To anyone that is looking for an amazing Cosmetology school, Vski is the place for you!"
"I attended VskiCosmometology and graduated in May 2018! I passed my stateboards, both on the first try! I feel my education level surpasses others in the industry. They teach update techniques and set each student up for success. Highly recommend them for anyone that is interested in the industry! Wish I would’ve gone 5 years ago!"
"I attended VskiCosmometology and graduated in June 2018! I passed both my theory and practical on the first try. The education level there is awesome. Instructors always help with one on one assistance. They prepare you so well for the real world. They actually make you the student do lots of hands on, meaning you have to know how to mix color, lightener, do your partings, know how to cut hair both wet and dry, etc. All the good stuff. What I love about them the most is that they teach you everything that’s up to date, so trust me when you get walk ins and they ask for the latest trend, you’ll have it all under control."
"I started VskiCosmetology School in October. It has been life changing. If I had to decide what school I would attend, and make sacrifices for all over again I would still choose a VskiCosmetology School. I knew the day I walked through the doors that this was the school for me. The instructors are friendly, and caring. They take their time out to make sure you understand, and show you techniques one on one. They are very encouraging.This is my family away from home. I have always wanted to do hair, and pursue my career as a cosmetologist. I had some other life goals I wanted to accomplish first, but after accomplishing those goals I prayed about where would I go next in my career. I didn’t feel fulfilled. I felt something was missing, something that I just couldn’t get out my soul. I decided to step out on faith. I truly feel that faith, and destiny led me where I am today. Once this journey is over I will be fulfilled."
"I loved attending VSKI Cosmetology ! I loved my instructors and the exciting atmosphere we were able to learn in! I feel like the skills I achieved are so helpful and useful now in my career path and I cannot wait to see where else they take me !!! So thankful for the opportunity to have graduated from this amazing school!!"
"I started Vski Cosmetology almost 14 weeks ago and has been the best impact on my life thus far. I truly enjoy my everyday experience at school, I look forward to what I’m gonna learn by the end of everyday. We are about to start taking our first clients and models and I’m so stoked! Best decision I’ve ever made"

From Student to Stylist in Just Ten Months

Our comprehensive programs are designed to turn aspiring students into professional stylists in just ten months. With a range of financial aid options available, we’re committed to making your dream career accessible and achievable. Discover more about our programs or take the first step towards your future in beauty by applying now.

Have questions? Call (843) 203-0000 or email and we’ll be happy to help.


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