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Meet Your Instructors


Founder, Platform Artist, Stylist, & Instructor

Chris Venesky’s journey starts with always trying to better himself by continually learning and partnering up with professionals in our industry that can give him an opportunity to grow. Chris has experienced all areas of cosmetology through assisting his mentors, travelling across the country teaching techniques, building his own clientele in a salon, as well as owning his own salon. Having the chance to be a part of all aspects of our industry, Chris has been able to relate to each individual on all levels, therefore giving greater opportunity to help them reach their maximum potential.

His passion will never go away, for each day is a blessing to walk the walk with other hairstylists. His mission goes beyond just providing quality education to individuals interested in the cosmetology industry; it includes helping others to continue to grow and motivate, and be determined to always want to achieve more.

By the constant sharing of new techniques in coloring and cutting, he will equip each student with the confidence to build deeper relationships and more loyal clientele as they journey through their career.



Director of Education, Platform Artist, Stylist, & Instructor

Jennifer Graffeo was born and raised right here in the lowcountry. She has been in the cosmetology industry for more than 10 years, having all types of experience that includes: being a stylist first and foremost, previously owning a salon, being an educator as well as a licensed instructor and becoming a national platform artist.

She takes pride in her elite education, communication, and service skills, empowering stylists as well as her clients. Jennifer’s resourceful business and managerial skills provide ongoing requests from leading artists in the industry to organize, plan, and execute their stage events at some of the largest hair shows around the country. She loves every aspect of her career and with every experience looks to share it with anyone who will listen, in the hope to pave an easier and more profitable journey for them.

As an instructor and program developer, she can testify to the outstanding structure of Vski Cosmetology’s preempted program that will set students up for a lifetime of success in this very well-rounded industry. Having worked alongside this solid team of instructors, she is very grateful and excited to be part of this promising program.


Krystal H

Stylist & Instructor

Krystal Hill Mager was Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina and graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Charleston where her natural talents and abilities were quickly discovered. Krystal has so much passion and appreciation for the industry and loves the fact that she gets to switch up her tasks throughout the week between the salon and school, allowing everyday to be a different beauty adventure. Krystal has worked backstage doing model prep for Scruples at the Orlando hair show and attended two training classes with the Scruples Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now, Krystal is a leader in our Goldwell “luxury” colorline and offers extensive training and knowledge to students in client hands on services helping create beauty students never thought possible. She is always looking for the new and upcoming trends in the industry, allowing her to give her clients and students the best service and experience.

“I am very excited to be joining you on this adventure you are about to take. I will be one of your instructors that you will be working with over your Cosmetology learning career. I have a passion for all parts of the industry, but I would have to say that I have a true passion for the technical side of the industry.  I have been educating at VskiCosmetology School for several years now and I enjoy watching students advance as they move through the program. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

– Krystal


Stylist & Instructor

Alexis Venesky is a Charleston native and graduated from VskiCosmetology School.  She is a very personable person and loves creating relationships with her clients and now a very large roll in the school! Alexis loves all aspects of this industry  but her favorite thing is helping clients and students find their confidence from within!

“As an instructor and alumni, I can testify to the outstanding structure of our programs, they are very well rounded programs and customizable to all passions enrolling.

It is very important to me to stay up to date with the latest trends, techniques and needs of our always changing industry. I have a degree in Biology that in an instructional setting best helps students absorb and retain some of what most consider the most challenging information to learn. I offer extensive, current experience behind the chair in a full service salon.  I am very grateful and excited to be part of these very promising programs with a solid team of instructors. I believe everything is possible and I am here to help you in any way I can in your career needs.”

– Alexis


Stylist & Instructor

Yuonne Harris Nickolson is a native of Johnsonville, which is a small town south east of Florence, South Carolina. She is a wife and mother of two wonderful children. After working in the administrative field for almost 20 years, Yuonne decided it was time to make a change. She wasn’t happy in her career and felt that she was missing out on her true purpose, being a “positive impact” people needed in their lives. She enrolled at Vski Cosmetology School and loved it. It was in school when she realized helping others was her “positive impact”. This wasn’t just limited to Yuonne’s clients sitting in her chair, it was helping her fellow students too.  Yuonne advanced her education after getting her cosmetology license to be an instructor. Fast forward four years later and Yuonne is loving her career behind the chair and as an instructor in the classroom, now able to double the ‘impact”, like the ‘ROCKSTAR” she is. In her opinion, it doesn’t get better than that!!!

“I love what I do each and every day and while each day is never the same, that is a hidden beauty that I love sharing with clients, co-workers, and our students. Some of the passions I love to share within the beauty industry include haircutting, hair coloring including fashion and corrective, hairstyling, texture services, waxing services, makeup, hair shows experiences, product knowledge awareness, and any kind of learning seminars!! I feel like I almost love it all!” 🙂

– Yuonne


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