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Gainful Employment Disclosures

Career Support at VSKI Cosmetology School:

At VSKI Cosmetology School, we understand that securing employment is a crucial step in your career journey. To support you, we offer comprehensive job placement assistance, starting before graduation. This includes training in interview techniques and resume building. 

Our school features a job board with up-to-date vacancies and leverages our extensive network of local industry contacts to help graduates find opportunities. While we actively provide support and share your information with potential employers, it’s important to note that employment cannot be guaranteed. Should any member of our team suggest otherwise, please report it directly to the Director in writing.

Your success in finding a position also depends on your academic performance, eagerness to advance, professionalism, and attitude. Additionally, our Career Days event invites salon and spa managers to discuss employment prospects directly with our students, offering a prime opportunity to submit resumes and make a strong impression.

Although we cannot promise employment, VSKI Cosmetology School maintains relationships with over 100 salons, shops, and spas across the Southeast, ensuring our students have access to a broad network of potential employers.

Drug Free Policy:

VskiCosmetology School adheres to Federal Government Regulations, ensuring a drug-free workplace for all students and staff. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on all school premises, including inside buildings and parking areas.

We are committed to maintaining a drug-free and safe environment for our students, staff, and clients. It is illegal to possess, use, or distribute drugs, alcohol, or weapons on school grounds or during any school-related activities. Anyone found violating these policies—whether a student or staff member—will face immediate expulsion from the school and legal prosecution under South Carolina and Federal laws. Additionally, individuals involved will be directed to appropriate agencies for counseling regarding their behavior. VskiCosmetology School has established connections with such agencies and is prepared to make referrals when necessary or upon request.

Please see above: Student Support Services – Fact Sheets

Availability of Financial Assistance:

Tuition is due on the first day of enrollment unless you’ve made prior arrangements with our finance department. Payment plans, if applicable, will be set up and followed according to the terms outlined in the student’s contract. All students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid once VskiCosmetology School qualifies for participation in federal funding programs. This can be used to cover any outstanding tuition balances. For specific details on refunds and consumer information related to the federal financial aid program, please consult our refund policy. VskiCosmetology School is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, Inc. (NACCAS).

School Performance Statistics:

VskiCosmetology School has gathered data to show performance statistics for the most current reporting year:

  • Graduation Rate: 83.33% (Percentage of students whom enrolled and completed the program in full)
  • Placement Rate: 93.33% (Percentage of students whom graduated and then passed the state board exam)
  • Licensure Rate: 100.00% (Percentage of students whom became gainfully employed)


Annual Security Report – Cleary Act:


Campus Safety, the student’s right to know: Please be advised the CAMPUS SAFETY & SECURITY REPORT is available for download below. You may also request a hard copy from our school admissions office. This annual security report is published in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act and is intended to disseminate important information to the school community.

This document outlines VskiCosmetology School’s policies, procedures, and programs related to safety, including sexual misconduct, safety awareness, crime prevention, and emergency response. It includes crime statistics for incidents that have occurred on campus, on property owned or controlled by the school, or on public property adjacent to the campus over the past three years.

VskiCosmetology School provides a well-lit facility with designated parking to ensure a secure learning environment. The administration encourages immediate reporting of any unauthorized individuals, criminal activities, or suspicious actions on the premises. As a private institution, VskiCosmetology School strictly prohibits the use of drugs or alcohol on its property, both indoors and outdoors, and smoking is not allowed within the building. Firearms are also strictly forbidden. In emergencies, local fire or police departments should be contacted without delay. All employees share responsibility for the security of our facilities and grounds. 

Given the absence of serious criminal activity in the past, there has been no need for programs specifically designed to inform students and employees about campus security procedures. VskiCosmetology School does not offer off-campus housing nor does it have formal student organizations that conduct off-campus activities, limiting our authority over off-campus student conduct. However, VskiCosmetology School commits to informing the campus community about crimes that pose a threat to students and employees.

Student Rights Under Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA):

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, VskiCosmetology School follows policies that:

  • A) Guarantee each student (or parent or guardian if the student is a dependent minor) access to that student’s records;
  • B) Requires written consent from the student or guardian for release of records in response to each third party request unless otherwise required by law;
  • C) VskiCosmetology School does not publish “directory information” about students;
  • D) Provide and permit access to student and other school records as required for any accreditation process or audit initiated by the institution or by the accrediting agency or in response to a directive of the accrediting agency should the school ever become accredited.
  • E) Student records are kept permanently at the school.

Access to records must be arranged previously and director of education must be present while the records are being reviewed. Copies of file documents may be obtained at a cost of $0.15 per copy. The school will make its student files available to accrediting, regulatory and other governing agency representatives who have the legal right to examine such files for compliance reviews. 

No portion of a file may be removed or reproduced without the permission of the owner of the school as all material and records contained therein are property of VskiCosmetology School.

Grievance Policy:

In accordance with the institution’s mission statement, the school will make every attempt to resolve any student complaint that is not frivolous or without merit. Complaint procedures will be included in new student orientation thereby assuring that all students know the steps to follow should they desire to register a complaint at any time. Evidence of final resolution of all complaints will be retained in school files in order to determine the frequency, nature, and patterns of complaints for the institution. The following procedure outlines the specific steps of the complaint process.

  1. The student should register the complaint in writing on the designated form provided by the institution within 48 hours of the date that the act, which is the subject of the grievance, occurred.
  2. The complaint form will be given to the school Director.
  3. The complaint will be reviewed by Director and a response will be sent in writing to the student within 30 days of receiving the complaint. The initial response may not provide for final resolution of the problem but will notify the student of continued investigation and/or actions being taken regarding the complaint.
  4. If the complaint is of such nature that it cannot be resolved by the Director, it will be referred to an appropriate organization if applicable.
  5. Depending on the extent and nature of the complaint, interviews with appropriate staff and other students may be necessary to reach a final resolution of the complaint.
  6. Students should attempt to resolve the complaint through the institution’s internal complaint process before submitting the complaint to the school’s accrediting agency, if applicable.
  7. A written record of all complaints filed will be maintained at the School through two complete accrediting cycles.


Leave of Absence Policy:

All students must follow the institution’s policy in requesting a Leave of Absence.

A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a temporary interruption in a student’s program of study and may be requested for extreme circumstances. LOA refers to the specific time period during an ongoing program when a student is not in academic attendance.

There is a Leave of Absence Policy and Form that can be requested from the office. This form must be completed in advance and sign by the student, including the reason for the students request, as well as the approving staff member, and should note the date of return, as well as any other documentation needed for the student files.

In the case of an emergency, the student should contact the school as soon as they become aware that the will be absent for an extended period, citing the reasons, and requesting the leave. Do not wait until your return to school to request that your time out be counted as a Leave.

LOA’s may NOT be used for vacations, work related, personal time off, breaks or any other reason. LOA’s are ONLY for events that will result in the student being absent for more than 14 consecutive days and must be for medical or nature of emergency.

The institution allows for unforeseen Leave of Absences based on the following examples:

  1. If a student were injured in a car accident and needed a few weeks to recover before returning to the institution, the student would not have been able to request the leave of absences in advance.
  2. An institution may grant a leave of absence to a student who did not provide the request prior to the leave of absence due to unforeseen circumstances if the institution documents the reason for its decision and collects the request from the student at a later date. In this example, the beginning date of he approved leave of absences would be determined by the institution to be the first date the student was unable to attend the institution because of the accident.

If granted financial assistance – No Title IV funds will be disbursed to cover a Leave of Absence; however, no penalty will be suffered by the student. Please note:

  1. If a student has been granted a Leave of Absence, the scheduled graduation date would automatically be extended for the same number of days as the Leave of Absence.
  2. While there is no penalty for taking a Leave of Absence, the student must understand that the amount of financial aid originally expected to be disbursed may change since he/she will not be clocking the same number of hours first estimated when deter- mining aid eligibility.

Approval of student’s requests for a Leave of Absence is in accordance with the institution’s policy.

If approved, the official LOA will stop the contracted scheduled hours in place for the time of the LOA and extend the contract for the same number of days/hours as the LOA. No re-entry fee will be charged if the student returns to class on or before the first class day scheduled after the termination of the Leave of Absence. A student granted a leave of absence that meets these criteria is not considered to have withdrawn, and no refund calculation is required at that time.

The institution must extend the student’s contract period by the same number of days taken in the leave of absence. Changes to the contract period on the enrollment agreement must be initialed by all parties or an addendum must be signed and dated by all parties.

A student returning from a leave of absence or other official interruption of training will remain in the same status with respect to satisfactory progress.

If the student is not making satisfactory progress before the interruption of training, the student will resume his/her training in the same status as prior to the interruption. LOA’s will generally not be accepted while student is in 1st Core of Instruction and may require the student to withdrawal and then re- enter at a later date picking up where they left off in their training.

The institution may not assess the student any additional institutional charges as a result of the leave of absence. The LOA together with any additional LOAs must not exceed 180 days, in any 12-month period.

VskiCosmetology School is an institution required to take attendance, the withdrawal date for the purpose of calculating a refund is always student’s last day of attendance. See Institutional Refund Policy for additional terms and/or see school director for leave of absence form.

If a student fails to return on their scheduled return date, the student will be considered to have withdrawn from the school as of the first day of the LOA. The school has thirty days after the last day of an approved, documented leave of absence to calculate and return any funds due. WARNING: If you fail to return to school on your scheduled return date, your grace period for your financial aid loan payments will start retroactively from the day the LOA began, and repayment will begin sooner than expected.


You may call the Federal Student Aid Information Center: (800) 433-3243. for the hearing impaired: (800) 730-8913.

VskiCosmetology School Evacuation Plan: Download Here


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